Guided Tours

Tito and history

Go back to the time that our parents call “the good old days” - see and understand what it meant to live in the capital of a great country. Learn about how common people have made cities rise from the swamplands and ashes of wars and what the name Tito meant to the world. Belgrade is a city of ancient gates and fortresses, a sprawling capital built over Roman ruins and with a history that dates back to the 3rd century BC. But across the river meanwhile, opposite the Old Town, Yugoslav architects created its mirror image: a dazzling, hyper-modern metropolis. We will show you the two faces of Belgrade - entirely different and very distant in their architecture styles and ways of life.  Join us on a journey trough the narrow streets from the age of kings and across the bridge into the 6-lane boulevards and city blocks of the new republic people called Yugoslavia.
Full-day countryside getaway & scenic ride

If you love traditional Balkan cuisine and you enjoy being in nature, far away from the city noise, this tour is a great choice for you to spend a day in Serbia.

We will take you 80km east of Belgrade , to the ethno household “Salaš 137” – a hidden gem that’s located off the beaten track, not crowded with tourists, but rather serving locals, with local food, great domestic wine selection and of course Rakija.
Everything is made and served according to the original recipes by our grandmothers; The complete household is authentic
- is a true farm to table restaurant, located in the middle of a farm that provides most of the ingredients. 
You will be surrounded by nature – horses, greenery, home-like traditional decoration…
History and Beer tour

Are you a history geek and a beer lover?
You’d like to hear about Tito & Yugoslavia and combine that with the finest craft beers Serbia has to offer?

Worry not, we got a tour for you!

On this tour we’ll take you on a ride in our Zastava cars, organize a Museum of Yugoslavia visit for you and finish it off with a tour of a beer brewery, complete with beer tasting and some delicious food.
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