You Will Visit

1. Museum of Yugoslavia
The very core of the Museum of Yugoslavia in Belgrade is founded in 1962 to collect the gifts given to Tito, not only by his compatriots, but also by many world leaders. After the death of Tito, The Museum was merged with the “House of Flowers”, the Residence, The Pool House, The Hunting Lodge, The Old Museum, together with the tomb of Josip Broz. Over 200.000 items and objects were categorized into 20 collections of the Museum of the Yugoslavia, enabling the visitors to grasp the essence of the material and spiritual culture of the republics of former Yugoslavia.

You will have a certified tour guide take your group trough the museum; the tour of the museum is approx. 1hr long.

After this, our drivers will take you to Dogma brewery, our biggest and most famous beer brewing company.
Dogma Tap Room is a unique Belgrade city spot.

2. Dogma Brewery
Placed in a complex of First Serbian Sugar Factory, this tap room gives you something which neither one pub can in Serbian capital. Industrial-inspired interior with 170m2 of space and 7m long bar gives you opportunity to enjoy Dogma and guest beers with an special view of production facility.

Here you will be hosted by the very people who make beer; they will show you the entire facility used to brew and pack beer into bottles and cans, tell you about the whole brewing process and guide you trough the beer tasting.
The package also includes lunch and two draft beers for each guest.

The tour of the brewery is approx. 45 minutes long.

Don’t worry about how much you drink after the tour, since our drivers will be waiting for you to take you home after lunch. 

Tour length:  4 - 5 hrs

Minimum group requirements: 20 people
Maximum group capacities: 30 people

The price includes:

Car rental
Drivers’ services
Pickup at the desired spot
Tickets to the Museum of Yugoslavia
Certified tour guide services and museum tour
Brewery tour
Beer tasting
Two large draft beers for each guest
Lunch for each guest
Drop-off at the desired spot after the tour
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