is a unique way to experience Belgrade and learn about its history, and also the best way to celebrate a special day or make a surprise for your friends.
We will guide you trough Yugoslavia in what is considered to be a relic of the past - vintage Yugoslavian cars!

You've probably heard about the "worst car in the world" - The Yugo.
Well, that theory's been proven false and we'll show you all the reasons why our cars are actually super cool.
Our company consists of Yugos, Yugo Cabrios (very rare!), Zastava 750s and Zastava 101s.
Some of them are up to 40+ years old but none of them look their age.
And yes, everybody gives us a surprised look and a "thumbs up" when we're out in the streets.

On the ride trough time with our certified tour guides, you will have no A/C, no power windows, no power steering and in some cases no seatbelts and no roof.
You can pick the car you like the most, or swich between cars during the tour.
If you want to test your driving skills on a Yugo - let's see what you got!

The nostalgia game Is very strong with these cars and we will tell you about their history and why people are so attached to these guys even today, 40 or 50 years after they've owned one.
Some of our drivers have spent the  first days of their lives in the cars that they still drive and one thing is for certain:
You will definitely remember the Yugoverse tour.

Pick the tour that matches your preferences and make your booking!

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